Top Alternatives for MangaEden to Read Manga Online in 2022

MangaEden is a website that has a lot of manga collections in hd quality and offers it all for
free. This website has been around for a very long time and has been at the top of the most
used online manga websites.

Now that reading manga online is trending amazingly fast, MangaEden has faced high traffic
and due to that the website itself has faced server error and unknown failures and because
of that, users are looking for other worthy alternatives.

List of Top MangaEden Alternatives

Read below if you want to learn more about the alternatives we have collected and to know
what they have to offer.


AniChart offers a variety of genres of manga comics, novels and series available. The
genres include action, comedy, drama and romance. Once you’ve found the genre that you
are interested in reading, you can choose from a list of manga based on their ratings.

The site is available in English and also has versions in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
and German. They also have an Android app so you can read your favorite series on your
mobile device.


MangaTx is an excellent website for those interested in reading manga. You won’t get any
type of pop-up advertisements or other distractions that will take you away from the manga

MangaTx is regularly updated with newer and trending manga releases. This website is
completely safe and secure with a user-friendly privacy policy. Every manga has ratings
ranging from one star to five stars. The higher the rating the better.


MangaFox is another great site to read manga. When you first go on the site, it will ask you
to fill out a quick form with your name, email address and gender. Once that’s complete, they
will assign you a nickname so that other visitors will be able to recognize you when they see
it in comments or forums.

You can also select your favorite characters if you are interested in reading about them. The
site is available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. It is considered a
perfect alternative to MangeEden if you want to read a manga online for free.


If you love reading manga online for free, then Manga168 is the site for you. มังงะ 168 offers a
wide variety of genres, from action and romance to comedy and horror. Similar to
MangaEden, you can search for your favorite genre and find your next favorite series.

Each page has a list of chapters where the visitor can click on which one they want to read
first. This website has a lot more to offer, visit their website and find out more. So, we prefer
that you visit Manga168 if you want to get access to free manga and read them online for

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